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Guide on the Side 1.0-beta4 released

Submitted by mhagedon on Wed, 04/22/2015 - 12:40

The University of Arizona Libraries are happy to announce the release of Guide on the Side 1.0-beta4.

For this release, we focused on addressing “frame busting” by allowing creators to place GotS into popup mode when they find that the right frame starting URL is not working. We also updated the placement of the navigation arrows (they are now closer to the text), and have made it so that users are able to click on images that are embedded in a tutorial to make them larger. Creators can now also delete quizzes from tutorials. See the full list of changes.
See the upgrade notes for more information, and feel free to ask questions on the Guide on the Side discussion list.
Thanks for your continued support for and use of GotS! 
The GotS team